We suggest, you style!

Decorating homes is a passion, a vision and a style statement. We totally get you!


Looking for inspiration to style up your new home or wanting a redo at the décor? We have prepared a style guide to help you get it right! We have handpicked some beautiful styling concepts from around the globe to help you visualize what your renovated living space could look like. Take a look:


  • Bring in the greens!


We adore the idea of adding hints of green into the home décor, with lush plants and climbers making their sweet presence felt in your balconies, living rooms or entrance too!


  • Minimalism.


Haven’t we all felt like we have over-decorated our place at some point through life? If you’re feeling this, it is surely time to go the minimalistic way! Simple and sober, carefully space out your decorations around your home, and include more white spaces to bring in the calming effect. Believe us, less is more!


  • Pastel love?


Some of us just can’t get enough of a blend of elegant pastel colours across the wall paints (or wall papers), bedroom sheets, lampshades, table runners and dining chairs. What’s more, add a classic beige couch to your living room & you are set!


  • Bohemian fan?


If you are just as big a fan of vintage artsy décor, details in prints, uplifting-the-soul- kind of colour schemes, join the club! We absolutely recommend attempting this free-spirited, laid back yet very intriguing décor style called the bohemian décor, to create an ambience that transcends you to a place far, far away from the usual commercially decked world we live in. A little creativity, for a lot of comforting warmth in return.


That’s all for now folks. Stay tuned for more styles coming up, real soon!